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Rite-Way Discount Pest Control: Cost-Effective Pest Control

Something bugging you? Pest control problems? We’ll take care of it. For over 20 years, Rite-Way Discount Pest Control has served homes and businesses throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality with quality pest control services. We’re fast too – Rite-Way Pest Control can usually be at your site within 3 hours!

At Rite-Way, the client’s needs always come first by customizing your pest control service to meet your specific needs. We make a discreet entrance, respect your home, take care of your pest control problem, and never put your family or pets at risk of hazardous chemicals. And, our service times are always flexible to work within your busy schedule. View the lists of pests we eliminate from properties!

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Bugs, rodents, raccoons, and bed bugs never rest – and neither do we. Rite-Way Discount Pest Control is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week service, serving the Halifax Municipality.

Seasonal Discount Specials

Save 25% for yearly ant treatments. Treatments as low as $149.00.

  • Seniors Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • Prices starting as low as $199.00 for Seasonal Residential Services
Protect Your Largest Investment: Your Home. Protect Your Family's Health.
Pavement ants, odorous ants, carpenter ants, hornets, bees, wasps and mice can all cause home-endangering infestations and structural damage to your property. These pests can also cause harmful health risks . Carpenter ants damage wood over time through nest building. House ants can contaminate food and should be avoided. Deer mice can transmit the Hantavirus disease. Hornet, bee and wasp stings are painful and cause the same risk of allergic reactions as other insects' stings.

Your Four Season Pest Control Prevention Program
Four season packages starting at $199, taxes included, for residential service only. Inspection services run from May - November.

Call Rite-Way Discount Pest Control for your inspections and solutions.

*This service will exclude carpenter ant and bed bug treatments.

Commercial Pest Control Services
Don’t let pests cause major disturbances and losses to your business. Pests can negatively affect your products, property, public image, and you may even incur fines from regulatory agencies. Rite-Way offers speedy service, whether weekly, monthly, or on your own terms without a contract.

Bed Bug-Proof Mattress Encasements - SAVE 30%
With BedCare™ easy-to-use mattress encasements and DreamSeal™ technology, bed bugs are no longer a nightmare. Don't lose sleep over the threat of an unprotected, unhealthy bed when you can have the safe, tranquil comfort and healthy sleep that you deserve. Click HERE to save 30% instantly by using our PROMO CODE. Call us to obtain a free promo code at 902-440-0592.

Prices start as low as $199.00 for seasonal residential services.

Don’t let the creepy crawlies win – call Rite-Way Discount Pest Control today for a free quote!

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